Keeping it Celtic What's Happening Keeping it Celtic's new CD will be available on iTunes, CD Baby and most online music download sites. Hard copies will be available on the Enchanted Forest online store at as well as for purchase summer of 2017. Keeping It Celtic is gradually combining with Possibly Irish under the Possibly Irish name. The two bands sub members across the 2 bands so often, it seems to make sense for the future. ENCHANTED FOREST - Possibly Irish performs Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the summer season. Enchanted Forest is located off I-5, 7 miles south of Salem, Oregon, exit 248. UPCOMING EVENTS: Samantha, Evan and Timothy of Keeping It Celtic St. Patrick's Day Celebration Taproot Lounge and Cafe 356 State St, Salem, OR 97301 9:30-midnight McKenzie Highland Games June 10/11 Times to be announced World Beat Festival Salem, Oregon June 24/25 times to be announced FOR PRIVATE EVENTS AND BOOKING CONTACT: Susan Vaslev 503-510-1377